Product Name : Bathroom Gel Cleaner

Brand Name : Swach Shine- Bathroom Gel Cleaner

Application of Product :Professional cleaning/maintenance product for building care

Manufacturer : Anjali Home Care Solutions

Corporate Office : 20, Roopali Bldg., Dixit Road, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai - 400057

Description: Mixture in water of non-dangerous ingredients and substances

ingredients % by weight exposure limit
caustic soda 8 - 28 not available
oxy bleach 6 - 12 not available
binary surfactants anionic 10 - 25 not available
builder and emulsifier 2 - 6 not available

Water base preparation added perfumes

Classification : Non-dangerous according to the classification systems of the relevant EC guidelines

Hazards for man and the environment : void

Classification system : The classification complies with current EC regulations on dangerous substances and preparations

Potential Acute Health Effects

Eyes: None known.

Skin ; None known.

Inhalation : None known.

Ingestion : None known.

Medical Conditions Aggravated by Overexposure None known Brand name: Swach Shine- Bathroom Gel Cleaner

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Eye Contact : Rinse with plenty of running water

Skin Contact : Rinse with plenty of running water.

Inhalation : No specific first aid measures are required.

Ingestion : Rinse out mouth and then drink one or two glasses of water for milk. In case of persistent symptoms obtain medical attention

Flammability of the Product: None known

Products of Combustion : None known

Fire Fighting Media and Instructions: Extinguish with water spray or carbon dioxide, dry chemical powder or appropriate foam. Normal fire fighting procedures may be used

Special Remarks on Fire and Explosion Hazards : None known.

Information for safe handling: Use appropriate personal protective equipment


Storage: Requirements for storage rooms and containers ; Store in a dry, cool and well-ventilated area-Protect from freezing

Further information about storage conditions : KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN

Engineering Controls :No special ventilation requirements General room ventilation is adequate.

Personal Protection :

Eyes- No special protective clothing is required

Hands- No special protective cloth

Respiratory- No special protective clothing is required

Feet - No special protective clothing is required

Body - No special protective clothing is required

Brand Name: Swach Shine- Bathroom Gel Cleaner

Physical State and Appearance: Liquid. (Opaque Emulsion)

Colour: white or pale yellow.

Odour: Mild. Perfumed

pH{neat):9- 14

Specific Gravity at 25 �C - 0.95 to 1.1

solubility In Water: Complete

Stability and Reactivity : The product is stable

Conditions of Instability : Mono known

Incompatibility with Various Substances :None known

Hazardous Decomposition Products

When exposed to fire : Produces normal products of combustion, Nonflammable

Hazardous Polymerization : Will not occur.

Effects of Chronic Exposure : Wane known

Other toxic effects : Not available.

When used for its intended purpose this product should not cause

Adverse effects in the environment, it is biodegradable and eco friendly.

Waste information: No special precautions.

Dispose of according to slate and local regulations

The information in this document is based on our best present knowledge. However, it does not constitute a guarantee for any specific product features and does not establish a legally binding contract

Department issuing material safety data sheet

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20, Roopali Bldg., Dixit Road, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai - 400057.

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