Product Name : PHENYL

Registered Brand Name : MUST

Application of Product : Indian / Western Style Toilets / All types of floor.

Manufacturer : Anjali Home Care Solutions

Corporate Office : 20, Roopali Bldg., Dixit Road, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai - 400057

It may cause eye irritation. No side effect on skin. It does not have vapour properties no harmful if breath or mist.

Ingestion: Rinse out mouth drink 2-3 glasses of water.

Extinguishing Media: C02 powder, pressured water and foam, Protective

Equipment: No special measures required

Storage : Store at room Temperature.

Handling : Use common rules and regulations for working with chemicals.

Solubility : Soluble in soft and hard water.

Saturation : No saturation

Basic irritant effect: No irritation

Ingestion : Cause irritation

Inhalation : No irritation

Skin contact : No irritation

It is harmful if directly come in contact with aquatic organisms


When it is use in diluted form there is no effect on environment.

A) Components with limit values that required monitoring at the workplace: The product not contains any relevant quantities of materials with critical values that have to be monitored at the workplace.

B) Additional information: The list that was valid during the compilation were used as basis.

C) Breathing equipment: Personal protection is not normally required, However, inhalation of dust, vapour or aerosol should he avoided.

Form : Liquid

Colour : Slightly tinch yellow

Odour : Slightly perfumed

Danger of explosion : Product is not explosive

Miscibility with water : Fully Miscible.

pH( I % solution) : 6.6- 6.9

Skin Contact : No irritation

Eye Contact : unlikely to be irritant in normal use.

Inhalation : Can cause irritation

Ingestion : unlikely to be harmful unless excessive amount ingestion.

General note: When used for its intended purpose this product will cause adverse effect in the environment.

Recommendation: One should not disposed together with domestic waste. Dispose of observing official regulations. Use cleaning agent as water if necessary.

Surfactants, Ctric acid, DMDM Hydation .Anionic components, colour, fragrance, preservatives.

There is no dangerous in transportation handling as product is not explosive. Follow the rules of land transportation and cross-border nobes. Air transportation is not at dangerous.

All information in this document is based on our best present knowledge. However it does not constitute a guarantee for any specific product feature and does not establish a legally binding contract. But then also we are almost 99 % sure of all above information.

Department issuing material safety data sheet: Anjali Home Care Solutions