About Us

With over two decades of manufacturing as well as supplying experience; we take pride in our brand “SWACH” and depend on the thumb rule of no compromise in quality. Every client’s requirement is unique and hence It is our mission to provide those products which suite the requirements of our customers. We are the specialist providers of various sanitation and cleaning products which include: specialize include Liquid Hand wash, Floor/Toilet/Steel cleaners , Glass cleaner (Gel Based), Room/Bathroom air Fresheners, Rexene/Shoe/Furniture Polish and many more. The exhaustive list of 22 Products will be available upon request.

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Anjali Home-Care Solutions is dedicated to research, development and people to deliver leading-edge innovative products which can withstand a global competition. Our innovation efforts are guided by a rigorous discipline aimed at delivering solutions that not only solve our customers' most pressing problems but balance cleaning and sanitation with process, water, energy and labor optimization. This commitment to innovation is evidenced by the introduction of breakthrough products and solutions.

We have been doing this successfully for more than 20 years because it is the right thing to do and it makes good business sense. We are about creating more profitable, sustainable enterprises for our customers that help them improve performance and efficiency while contributing to the well-being and greater good of our communities.


Cleanliness is next to godliness and hence everybody who thrives on sanitation and cleanliness is our customer.

Your building/office/factory is more than concrete, windows and doors. It’s more than a facility to house people and equipment. It’s your face to the world. From the moment a visitor enters the front doors, the setup needs to shine. That’s why it is best to rely on our research developed products for your residential as well as commercial set-ups. Hence if you are inclined towards quality we will be more than happy to support your needs.

Why Swach

In this era of push marketing we try to keep it subtle by just concentrating on quality. Hence we have managed to survive in this market for over twenty years. In the current market scenario there are numerous product offering, some are part of multinationals. some local players and many individual suppliers. They may not be in a best position to provide you the desired quality as margin for customization and product range is limited. There are big promises but less when it comes to delivery.

We are suppliers and manufacturers and hence in a better position to know what is being delivered to our customers. Other suppliers say what they have been told to say by the manufacturing companies and hence have different versions. We do not have that problem as we know what we have made. The raw material used by competitors is mostly of low quality which may pose other dangers. We buy quality products and we sell quality products.

It is worth a mention here that we do not hide what we do and hence the technical data sheet is available for your reference at any point of time. No other supplier will have that information which makes us unique.

Our products are qualitative but also reasonably priced. We like to build business relationships which go long-term. Hence the prices are such that are less than comparable with the existing products in the market.